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Kanyini Qualitative Study Monograph Series

The Kanyini Qualitative Study (KQS) was designed to explore principle barriers to and enablers of quality chronic disease care in order to better understand how systems of primary healthcare might better serve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 223 participants, 126 of whom were Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander individuals with or without chronic diseases, and 97 of whom were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or non-Indigenous healthcare providers, healthcare service managers or administrative staff.

The KQS Monograph Series explores determinants, outcomes and perceptions of chronic disease care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from a range of angles:

  • Monograph One considers the issues that influence why people seek care;
  • Monograph Two examines the factors that influence why people remain engaged with care;
  • Monograph Three explores patients’ and providers’ understandings of healthcare and care relationships [under development];
  • Monograph Four investigates how healthcare systems influence the ways in which people engage with healthcare; and
  • Monograph Five considers how wellness and wellbeing are conceptualised from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives [under development].

The findings from KQS Monograph Series are presently informing another Kanyini Vascular Collaboration study Towards a Wellbeing Model for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living with chronic disease.