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Data Access

Data collected from KVC research projects may be accessed by staff of KVC partner ACCHS sites, KVC partner organisations, students, researchers and collaborators who have been or are currently involved with KVC research activities to conduct analyses of KVC data with the intent to publish findings.

Data collected for KVC projects are held in trust by the KVC, which acts as a custodian of the data. The KVC recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have rights and responsibilities of ownership regarding their health and health-related information.

This includes the right to protect and care for the use of this information, the right to determine culturally appropriate form of its reporting and the right to grant or withhold permission for its use. All partner ACCHS sites retain unrestricted access to data collected at their sites.

Note that some KVC projects have their own data access and publication protocols that align those projects with relevant requirements and standards specific to each project.

All the information you need to access KVC data (including application forms) is outlined in the Data Access and Publication Policy document or you can go to the relevant pages to access the information you are looking for.