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About Us

This Centre of Research Excellence is a collaboration, extending from the Kanyini Vascular Collaboration (KVC) established in 2005 by Professors Alan Cass and Anushka Patel of The George Institute for Global Health in Sydney and Professor Alex Brown of the Baker IDI in Central Australia.

aboriginal child The KVC brings together a network of leading Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, Aboriginal Medical Services and Community Controlled Services, Community members and policy stakeholders from state and federal governments.

The research has been conducted Australia-wide in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services in urban, rural and remote NSW, QLD, SA and the NT.

What is Kanyini?

Kanyini is an important term used by a number of language groups in central Australia, including Pitjantjatjara and Pintubi/Luritja. Kanyini can be translated as “to have, to hold and to care”.

“Kanyini is a verb which reflects a commitment, a full engagement; vitalising again and again all that went before and all that will go after”

Franks C, Curr B.
Keeping Company an inter-cultural conversation
Centre for Indigenous Development Education and Research, 1996

It represents one of the four foundations of Aboriginal life in Central Australia:

  1. Tjukurpa: Law, Dreaming
  2. Walytja: Family
  3. Ngurra: Land, Country and
  4. Kanyini: To have, to hold and to care

In essence, Kanyini describes the principle and primacy of caring for others – an obligation to nurture, protect and care for other people, family, country and the law.